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The Source Selection Bootcamp®

An Advanced Course in Concepts and Principles for Source Selection Planners


This course is designed for persons who plan and execute source selections under FAR Part 15, Contracting by Negotiation, and who have already taken an introductory course on the topic or had experience gained through participation in the process. The course is also useful for those who place competitive orders under multiple award task or delivery order contracts and GSA Federal Supply Schedule contracts.

The premise of the course is that source selection practitioners receive training in the conduct of the process with emphasis on regulations and bid protest decisions, but rarely receive instruction in core concepts, such as:

  • value

  • evaluation

  • evaluation factor

  • scales of measurement or assessment

  • relative importance

  • rating (scoring)

  • value function

  • strengths, weaknesses, and deficiencies

  • tradeoff analysis

  • proposal vs. offer (promise),

  • model contract

  • contract

Thus, the course seeks to enrich the knowledge of experienced practitioners by exploring the concepts on which their practices must be based.

The course also seeks to dispel certain “myths” about competition and competitive bidding, to discourage the cut-and-paste mentality that has bogged the process down, and to prompt critical thinking, and to encourage the use of legitimate ways to make the process more effective, less time-consuming, and less costly.

The course is taught through lecture, group problem-solving exercises, and classroom discussion. There is a homework reading assignment on the first and second day. There are no quizzes and there is no final examination.

The course is not designed for beginners seeking an introduction to the source selection process. It does not address traditional topics such as solicitation amendment, clarifications vs. discussions, competitive range, or final proposal revisions.

The course is three days in length. Course hours are 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., with an hour for lunch and appropriate breaks.

Students should arrive on time, plan to take extensive notes, and plan to participate fully.

Computers and phones may not be used in the classroom while class is in session.