John Krieger

John Krieger is a consultant, researcher, writer, and lecturer in Federal contracting, a Certified Professional Contract Manager, and a Fellow of the National Contract Management Association.

Mr. Krieger was a contract negotiator, contracting officer, and policy analyst for the Air Force from 1981 through 1987, working in a number of major system acquisition program offices (e.g., Ballistic Missile Office, Defense Satellite Communications System Contracts, Space Launch and Control Systems Contracts). He was the contracting officer for the Titan IV Launch Vehicle program, the Air Force's first Acquisition Streamlining Program. After the Challenger disaster, he was the contracting officer on the Space Launch Recovery Program, directed by the Secretary of the Air Force and the National Security Council, which resulted in award of the Medium Launch Vehicle contract, the first Defense Enterprise Program (DEP) designated by the Air Force.

James Nagle

JAMES NAGLE a retired partner and now Of Counsel in the firm of Oles Morrison Rinker and Baker, Mr. Nagle is a nationally renowned expert who has written six books on federal contracting, “Nash, Cibinic and Nagle, Administration of Government Contracts, Fifth Edition,” (2016); “Whelan & Nagle, Cases and Materials on Federal Government Contracts, Third Edition” (Foundation Press 2007); “Federal Procurement Regulations: Policy, Practice and Procedures," (ABA Press, 1987); "How to Review a Federal Contract and Research Federal Contract Law, Second Edition," (ABA Press, 2000); "Federal Construction Contracting," (Wiley Law Publications, 1992); and "The History of Government Contracting, Third Edition," (2nd edition George Washington University (GWU) Press, 1999) (3rd Ed. Government Training Inc., 2012). Besides contributing to six other books, his over 80 articles, on such subjects as protests, changes, terminations, claims, and the Federal Acquisition Regulation, have appeared in such publications as the “Public Contract Law Journal (PCLJ),” “Military Law Review,” “NCMA Journal,” and “Contract Management.” He has also written “1948:  The Crossroads Year”.

Vernon J. Edwards

Vernon J. Edwards is a researcher, writer, and lecturer in Federal contracting, a regular contributing author to The Nash & Cibinic Report, and a member of the Procurement Roundtable.

Mr. Edwards was a contract negotiator and contracting officer for the United States Air Force from 1974 through 1981 and worked in a number of Air Force weapon system program offices, including Space Development Plans, Advanced Ballistic Re-entry Systems, Defense Meteorological Satellites, and Space Defense Systems.

In 1982, Mr. Edwards was appointed a tri-services contracting officer and negotiated independent research and development and bid and proposal cost ceilings for the Department of Defense and for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In 1983, he was appointed Chief, Plans Division, Deputy for Contracting and Manufacturing, at Headquarters, Air Force Systems Command. In 1984, he was appointed to the Contract Review Committee at that Headquarters.

William “Lance” Krieger

Lance Krieger is a consultant and a teacher. He is a former executive with both the Lockheed Martin Corporation and the Department of Defense.

In his 20-year career with the Department of Defense, Mr. Krieger was a contract negotiator and contracting officer for the United States Air Force, rising from an intern position at the Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Organization (SAMSO) to the Senior Executive Service (Level 4) at Air Force “Special Projects,” now the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). He progressed through various positions in the Air Force, including contract administration, pricing, policy, contracting officer, division chief, and, ultimately, Director of Acquisition for Air Force “Special Projects,” Upon his leaving Special Projects, the Air Force awarded him the Exceptional Civil Service Award. His career began with the Global Positioning System (GPS), originally Navstar GPS, when the program was first initiated, working on the “Inverted Range” at White Sands and collecting ionospheric modeling information from the University of Hong Kong. He was Contracting Officer on the GPS Ground and Receiver Segments Development. He was also the Contracting Officer on Gambit Spacecraft, Integration and Test and Hexagon Spacecraft, Integration and Test., along with other “black projects,” for Special Projects.

Michael Fischetti

Michael P. Fischetti (JD, MS, MA, BA, CPCM, CAE) is an experienced acquisition executive and subject matter expert and writer in contract management, with prior experience working and leading operations and policy positions in government contracting.

He currently is a Professor of Program and Contract Management, working with students as well as experienced acquisition leaders for the Defense Acquisition University (Defense Systems Management College) and the University of Virginia. He most recently was the Executive Director of the 20,000 member National Contract Management Association (NCMA), a professional association for those practicing contract management and related professions, whereby (along with program and organizational growth) he revised the Contract Management Body of Knowledge and created the Contract Management Standard, obtaining ANSI accreditation. Prior to that role, he was Component Acquisition Executive and Head of Contracting Activity for the $50B+ Defense Health Agency and before that, Director of the Office of Procurement and Financial Assistance policy for the Department of Energy’s $23B acquisition portfolio.

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